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Delivery and Shipment

Dear customer,
Thank you for your interest in our products.
In our online shop, we offer 2 shipping options. For additional, special shipping methods such as express delivery, shipment on a specified date, etc., please contact your representative in our company.
Option a) Fastest possible shipment
With this shipping option, we deliver as soon as possible directly from our plants and central warehouses to you. Therefore, an order may consist of several partial shipments.  
Please see the table enclosed for the prices per partial shipment.
Please see your order confirmation, it may offer you partial shipments per item level.  
Option b) Complete shipment:
With this shipping option, we will collect your shipment in our central warehouse and if possible, send it to you in one complete shipment. (Depending on volume and weight). The last article coming in determines the delivery date. Please also see your order confirmation. For the costs per shipment, see the table below.
If you would like to make some changes after having placed your order, please contact your representative in our company.
* plus VAT, plus shipping