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MVK MPNIO DI16 galvanic separation

MVK PROFINET compact module, metal

Artnr: 54530
Gewicht: 0.951 kg
Land van oorsprong:  DE
Prijs per stuk:
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Digital inputs
DI16 (IRT)
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s; M12, D-coded
7/8", 5-pole, max. 9 A, protection against reverse polarization
M12, 5-pole, A-coded
FSU (Fast-Start-Up)
Galvanic isolation
Connection cables are in the online shop under "Connection Technology".
Housing fully potted.
Bus technologies

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Electrical data | Supply
Norm operating voltage EN 61131-2
Operating voltage US DC 24 V
Total current UA max. 9 A
Total current US max. 9 A
Electrical data | Input
Overload resistant yes
Short-circuit protected yes
Type input PNP, for 3-wire sensors or mechanical switches
Sensor current US per input max. 0,2 A
Industrial communication
Supported protocol PROFINET
Industrial communication | Profinet
Number of active connections (IO controller) max. 2
FSU (Fast-Start-Up) yes
Fast start up time max. 0,5 s
IRT (network communication) yes
MRP client yes
PROFINET Netload Class III
PROFINET addressing DCP
PROFINET conformance class C
PROFINET specification V2.3
Shared device/input yes
Actuator warning per channel via LED and BUS
Diagnostic No voltage, Under voltage
Diagnostic via BUS per module and channel
Diagnostic via LED per module and channel
Short circuit diagnosis yes
LED display Ethernet connection/data traffic
Cable break per port
Overload diagnosis yes
Device protection | Electrical
Degree of protection (EN IEC 60529) IP67
Mechanical data | Mounting data
Suitable for mounting type 2-hole screw mounting
Height 39 mm
Width 63 mm
Depth 225 mm
Environmental characteristics | Climatic
Operating temperature min. -25 °C
Operating temperature max. 55 °C
Storage temperature min. -25 °C
Storage temperature max. 70 °C

Connection types
Connection type 1 X0-X7
Connection type 2 XD1
Connection type 3 XD2
Connection type 4 XF1, XF2
Connection type 1
Family construction form M12
Gender female
Color contact carrier black
Coding A
No. of poles 5
PIN 1 24 V DC (US)
PIN 3 0 V (US)
Connection type 2
Family construction form 7/8"
Gender male
Color contact carrier black
No. of poles 5
PIN 1 0 V (UA)
PIN 2 0 V (US)
PIN 4 24 V DC (US)
PIN 5 24 V DC (UA)
Connection type 3
Family construction form 7/8"
Gender female
Color contact carrier black
No. of poles 5
PIN 1 0 V (UA)
PIN 2 0 V (US)
PIN 4 24 V DC (US)
PIN 5 24 V DC (UA)
Connection type 4
Mounting method inserted, screwed
Tightening torque 0,6 Nm
Family construction form M12
Gender female
Color contact carrier black
Coding D
No. of poles 4
PIN 1 TD +
PIN 2 RD +
PIN 3 TD -
PIN 4 RD -

ECLASS-6.1 27242604
ECLASS-7.0 27242604
ECLASS-8.0 27242604
ECLASS-9.0 27242604
ECLASS-10.1 27242604
ECLASS-11.1 27242604
ECLASS-12.0 27242604
Douane tarief nummer 85389099
GTIN 4048879798976
Verpakkingseenheid 1

Gegevens Over Artikel:
  • Product-PDF
  • Approval: UL Listed CA 54530_E201820-NRAQ7_ulc_z_a.pdf (A)
  • Approval: UL Listed US 54530_E201820-NRAQ_ul_z_a.pdf (A)
  • Certificate: PROFIenergy 54530_Z40284-11.07.2022-v2.33-v2.35-PROFIenergy_pbe_z_b.pdf (B)
  • Certificate: ProfiNet  54530_Z12780-Z40284-11.07.2022-v2.33_pn_z_b.pdf (B)
  • Configuration Files: GSDML 55530_MVK-M_KF0_x_16.zip (16)
  • Construction files: DXF 54530_dxf_x_a.zip (A)
  • Construction files: P8 54530_p8_2_20.zip (20)
  • Construction files: STP 54530_stp_x_a.zip (A)
  • Document: Installation guide 54530_ina_x_11.zip (11)
  • Document: Installation guide 20559091_ina_x_10.zip (10)
  • Document: Product data 54530_pd_x_12.zip (12)
  • Document: User manual 54530_hdb_x_12.zip (12)
  • Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 14-12-23_(10) RoHS REACh exception 6c 7a 7cI_DoC_z_a.pdf (02)
  • Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 22-12-23_(6) California Prop65 Ni surface_DoC_z_a.pdf (01)
  • Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 12-12-23_(3) China RoHS 2 25EEP_DoC_z_a.pdf (01)
  • Information: Certificate of conformity UKCA 54530_08-05.20_uk_z_a.pdf (A)
  • Information: EU declaration of conformity 54530_08-05.20_ce_z_a.pdf (A)
  • Information: MTTF Report 54530_SN29500(40°C)-Berechnung_mttf_p_a.pdf (A)
  • Software: Firmwareupdatetool 10500955_AutoUpdateX_TB3_x_31.zip (31)
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